Why Goth?

Even the most casual baby bat is eventually asked the question that has plagued goths since the first goth decided to dress like they were at a funeral outside of a wake. We're all familiar with the dreaded

"Why are you dressed like that?"

... and we reply with some version of "because I like to," which is the most straightforward answer and truth. However, these folks will persist in their inquiries in many forms, from the well-meaning teacher to the busybody family member or nosy passerby, and we'd like to give our take on the matter.

To give the curious an answer, we sampled replies from the lovely stylists at Gothic Renaissance to present to the naysayers in your life who may ask you why you've decided to practice witchcraft, reject conformity and traditional values, or simply wear more fishnets than reasonable. After all, the slippery slope from too much black clothing to six inch platform boots is one we're hoping to grease whenever possible.

So why ARE we dressed like that?

For some of us, the appeal, however aesthetically inclined, comes from a love of history.

"I find that dressing goth allows me to more fully appreciate history, as well as wearing silhouettes that work better for me. I love the marriage of the past and present represented by my clothing, and it allows me to keep some aspect of romance in my life I don't feel is as represented in modern fashion."

Some of us are old school- music first.

"I got into the music and movies before it occurred to me I could just, like, look like that all the time. For me, goth is about realizing that you have infinite potential to change yourself. I reinvented who I was by becoming a goth, and it made me a much happier person."

Others yet find that nonconformity in uniform represents an internal discrepancy with societal expectations, and dress to emphasize that refusal to go with the flow.

"I've been weird since I was a kid, and finding a subculture that allowed me to express that allowed me to channel my passion and energy into something visibly strange. Goth gives me a way to let others know that I'm kinda morbid and helps me find likeminded people."

And some of us are less sentimental about the whole idea.

"I've always thought it looked cool as hell. Why wouldn't I want to look cool too?"

At the end of the day, however, we can all agree on one thing-