UPDATE:  As of Friday, October 13 2023, 11:59 PM EST, checkout will be disabled to allow time to fulfill all of our remaining Halloween orders. Please place all orders before then, as the webstore will be placed on indefinite hiatus, return TBD, after this time.


Q: What are your hours?

A: We’re open Monday through Saturday, 11 AM to 8 PM, and 12 PM to 7 PM on Sundays! We are closed on January 1st, Easter, the 4th of July, November 1st, Thanksgiving & Christmas Day.


Q: Where are you located?

A: 110 4th Ave, New York NY, 10003! That's right off Union Square, across the street from the post office. Look for the gargoyle statue outside! 


Q: Do you only sell goth clothes?

A: Absolutely not! We carry clothes for all sorts of subcultures, even within the goth scene. If you like to dress up, odds are we have something for you.


Q: Do you have any social media?

A: We have an Instagram account, a Twitter account, and a TikTok accountWe also have a Tumblr and Pinterest, if you're more into us for the aesthetic side of the gothic lifestyle, as well as a stylewatch Instagram to showcase real life goths who shop with us at our brick and mortar location!

Q: What brands do you guys carry?

A: We carry different brands on our webstore versus our in-person locale! In-store, we carry Killstar, Hoss International, Burleska, Punk Rave, Tripp NYC, Dead And Delicious, Pleasers, YRU, New Rocks, Demonias, Lip Service, Kreepsville, Leg Avenue, and many many more brands … as well as unique and custom pieces from local artisans! 

Online, we offer Daisy Corsets, Western Fashion and Roma Costumes in terms of clothing and accessories, and Ellie Shoes in terms of footwear. We're getting some more brands as we go along, so keep an eye out! If there's something you'd like to see us carry specifically, please contact us at gothrenstore@gmail.com.


Q: I went to your store, but you didn't have an item in stock that I saw on your website. Why?

A: Our stock for our online store and our in-person location are different! We've partnered with our favorite brands to bring you a wider selection of items online, but unfortunately that does mean we carry different inventory. If you want to know if we have something you saw online in-store, please email us at gothrenstore@gmail.com!


Q: What corset size range do you carry?

A: We carry corsets in sizes 18 - 50! If you’re looking for a specific size or are worried we won’t be able to accommodate you, please call or email us at (212) 780-9558 | gothrenstore@gmail.com for details! You can also refer to our corset FAQ if you'd like to know more.


Q: Didn’t you guys close forever? | I thought COVID-19 shut you guys down!

A: Much like Dracula, we’re back! As of October 2021 we are open Monday-Saturday,  11 AM - 8 PM, and 12 PM - 7 PM on Sundays!

Q: What happened to Halloween Adventure? I thought you guys were the same store?

A: Unfortunately, after almost forty years, Halloween Adventure is permanently closed as of Halloween 2021.

UPDATE: As of Halloween 2022, Halloween Adventure has reopened in a limited capacity! We are not the same store, but we are now re-affiliated and both independently owned.


Q: Are you hiring? I'd love to work here!

A: We only hire for season from September to October. If you have retail experience, great style and a positive attitude, come in with your resume then! 


Q: Do you guys have changing rooms?

A: Yes! Go to the back by the corset fitting section.


Q: Does the gargoyle outside have a name?

A: Yes! His name is Gargamel and we all love him very much. If you take some photos with him, make sure to tag us on Instagram! #gothrennyc


Q: Where can I learn more about the NYC goth scene?

A: We've compiled a list of goth resources here!


Q: What's your return policy?

A: Our in-store return policy is that ALL sales are final: NO exchanges, NO returns. Our online store's return policy can be read here.


Q: Do you guys offer gift cards?

A: We do! Ask us about them in store.