About Us

Gothic Renaissance has been making NYC cooler since it spawned as an offshoot to its older sister next door, the beloved, newly re-opened Halloween Adventure. We offer the most expansive selection of corsets in NYC and aim to dress people who love to dress up, whether they be goths, club kids or looking to expand their horizons at festivals and parties.

As an independent business, we pride ourselves on our talented team of stylists and creatives who are more than happy to help you find the look you're aiming for. We offer everything you need to look your best, whether that's for a night out or the rest of your life.

Our services include corset fitting and styling, and our products span the range from classic alternative brands and staple pieces for the goth wardrobe to handmade masks, one of a kind custom pieces from local artists, corsets and shoes. We are available to answer any questions people might have! You can contact us at gothrenstore@gmail.com, (212) 780-9558, or use our contact form to shoot us a message!

We are also proud to stand with marginalized communities and hope to offer a safe space for everyone regardless of background or orientation. Gothic Renaissance is queer owned, run and operated, and we strive to make sure sure everyone feels welcome, safe and respected when they shop with us.

Our History

Gothic Renaissance was established in 1999 as a popular corner of its older sister, Halloween Adventure (1981 - 2021, 2022 - ) that outgrew its niche, going on to expand next door in the remains of a billiards supply shop.

The store would then go on to double in size in 2009, expanding to its current location. As an offshoot of Halloween Adventure, it remained owned by the same company until gaining its independence in 2021, with Gothic Renaissance going on to become its own store while Halloween Adventure became another casualty of COVID-19’s impact on the NYC nightlife scene.

UPDATE: Upon Halloween Adventure's re-opening, we are sister stores once more, owned independently from the corporation that once ran them both!

Since our commencement, however, we've been dressing some of the coolest people in the greatest city on Earth- whether they're on a stage or a dancefloor!